Reimbursement opportunities don't end after completing a resident assessment. That’s why hundreds of skilled nursing organizations rely on MedaSync to continuously monitor and optimize reimbursement across payers.  

"This product is amazing - it doesn't only help capture significantly more reimbursement, it gives our staff back several hours each week." Leslie Piper, Director of Clinical Reimbursement, TLC Management.    

MedaSync is much more than a traditional MDS scrubber. With MedaSync’s AI-driven reimbursement software, TLC Management is able to proactively identify the changes of conditions that directly impact reimbursement rates for their 20 communities. MedaSync's continuous resident chart monitoring with built-in alerts has helped TLC Management make dramatic improvements to their Medicaid CMI, MDS management and overall reimbursement.


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The Results


“One task with MedaSync takes away five tasks without it.”

MedaSync empowers the TLC team to do a better job of accurately and swiftly capturing the burden of care. This provides a more accurate picture of the resident on a clinical basis every day, transforming both reimbursement capture and MDS management, as well as improving patient care.

TLC saw an average increase of $25 per day per Medicaid resident.

In only two months of utilizing the software, they had an average increase of .25 in CMI across their six initial trial-run buildings. In Indiana, this is an average increase of $25 per day per Medicaid resident, a strong shift seen in such a short period.

“MedaSync works with us to make the program work for us.”

With the complexity of insurance and the unique nature of each Skilled Nursing Facility, a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t ideal. MedaSync is tailored and personalized to users instead.

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