Better MDS Management that Supports Your Bottom Line: TLC Management’s Experience with MedaSync

TLC Management operates 20 communities throughout Indiana and Florida. Committed to streamlining operations associated with reimbursement, they turned to MedaSync in June of 2022 to address their MDS staffing challenges, time management and corporate oversight. All of which had a tangible impact on their bottom line and ability to capture the appropriate reimbursement levels.

With MedaSync’s AI driven reimbursement software, they were able to make dramatic improvements to their Medicaid CMI, MDS management and overall reimbursement potential while also saving staff time.

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The Results


“One task with MedaSync takes away five tasks without it.”

MedaSync empowers the TLC team to do a better job of accurately and swiftly capturing the burden of care. This provides a more accurate picture of the resident on a clinical basis every day, transforming both reimbursement capture and MDS management, as well as improving patient care.

TLC saw an average increase of $25 per day per Medicaid resident.

In only two months of utilizing the software, they had an average increase of .25 in CMI across their six initial trial-run buildings. In Indiana, this is an average increase of $25 per day per Medicaid resident, a strong shift seen in such a short period.

“MedaSync works with us to make the program work for us.”

With the complexity of insurance and the unique nature of each Skilled Nursing Facility, a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t ideal. MedaSync is tailored and personalized to users instead.

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