3 Steps to Simplify Managed Care Caseloads

For the past two years, preparing for and working under PDPM has been the focus for SNFs nationwide. Now that PDPM is here, it’s critical that the industry doesn’t lose sight of what came before: managed care. With caseloads expected to continue increasing, SNFs must address the challenges of managed care now. Learn how in our new white paper.

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Managed Care is Growing — Are You Ready?

While traditional Medicare usage is shrinking, Medicare Advantage plans are on the rise. More and more Baby Boomers are retiring, and two out of three will be using an MA plan for their long-term care needs. That, and MA plans have increased significantly year over year since 2017 — and that’s not likely to stop. Make sure your team and processes are streamlined now so you can navigate managed care and PDPM efficiently and profitably.

What You’ll Learn in This White Paper

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Revenue Integrity

Learn what revenue integrity is, why it’s so important to focus on not only for profitability but also for internal operations, and how revenue integrity can be improved now and for the long-term.
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Pre-Service Strategy

Focusing on pre-service — whether for managed care or PDPM — is critical to success. By understanding all that you can about your patients before service begins, you position your SNF to maximize revenue.
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Simplify Recerts & Case Management

While individual team member tasks may not seem like significant workloads, the impact is felt when you combine them together. Learn efficiencies you can put in place around recertification and case management.

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