PDPM is Almost Here — Now is the Time to Fine-Tune Pre-Admission

The biggest change in the post-acute care industry in more than 20 years is just around the corner. Pre-admission is the key to success, and now is the time to act on it. Download our latest white paper with eight pre-admission recommendations.


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You’ve Known It Was Coming, But What Have You Done?

PDPM has been on the industry’s mind for more than a year. But that doesn’t mean everyone has done their part in preparing. While you may have read up or conducted some training, PDPM will hit you the hardest in the details — where you weren’t expecting. But with pre-admission, SNFs have the opportunity to make PDPM go smoothly from the start.

What You’ll Learn in This White Paper

pdpm challenges

PDPM Challenges

The new reimbursement model stands to change quite a bit in the post-acute care industry — and in ways that aren’t immediately visible. Everything from tools and paperwork to your internal processes will make a difference.
expert recommendations

Expert Recommendations

We’ve gathered eight insightful recommendations detailing ways you and other team members at your SNF can update your processes, documentation, communication, technology platforms, and more.
why urgency matters

Why Urgency Matters

While you have time to adapt your processes to PDPM, any delay means that you’ll be at risk of losing out on revenue. It’s critical that you take steps now to get yourself in a stronger position for the months and years ahead.

Is Your SNF Ready for PDPM?

Download our new white paper to get pre-admission recommendations that you can put to use at your SNF now.