Non-Therapy Ancillaries: Reimbursement Risk or Opportunity?

PDPM is here, but many SNFs have only scratched the surface. While there’s certainly more to manage, there are also new opportunities in the form of non-therapy ancillary tracking — as much as $69 per grouping, per day. But without a solution for efficient tracking, you’ll be missing out.

Start Tracking NTAs with MedaSync

Are You Missing Out on Revenue?

There are 50 non-therapy ancillaries. Depending on the patient, service needs and comorbidities, the resulting NTA score will determine payment over the course of the stay. But with industry data showing that 65% of historic patient stays are in the lowest NTA categories, despite having more acute care needs, it’s likely that your SNF is leaving money on the table. Now is the time to take action to ensure you’re being reimbursed properly.

Track NTAs Effectively = Get Reimbursed Properly

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Leverage Automation

Your team already has to work harder and faster under PDPM to ensure accurate reimbursement. With MedaSync, you gain a straightforward tracking system that automates critical data capture and sharing.
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Capture Everything

NTAs are an opportunity, but there’s more to a patient than NTAs alone. Hospital records, SLPs, nursing data, and other information are needed to create the best picture possible. MedaSync helps you do exactly that.

Go Beyond PDPM

PDPM is only part of the challenge. There are 30% more managed care plans today than there were two years ago. Knowing the details of those plans will be the difference between winning and losing.

Maximize Your Revenue with MedaSync

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