2022 Market Report:          The State of Clinical Reimbursement

As a SNF provider, you are constantly forced to take on new and evolving reimbursement challenges. Today that means facing obstacles which include PDPM rate adjustments, Managed Care growth, turnover and resource strains that directly impact reimbursement. With the industry changing so rapidly, understanding the trends within clinical reimbursement is more critical now than ever.

Download this report to get the perspective of nearly 500 industry professionals, who shared their top clinical reimbursement concerns, trends and offered insights into the strategies they plan to pursue moving forward.


The State of Clinical Reimbursement

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What You’ll Learn in This Report


Believe coordinator strain threatens to cut into reimbursement.

2 out of 3

 Plan to off-set their reimbursement resource constraints with new technology solutions and/or consulting services.


Experienced MDS related turnover in the past 6-months and expect this trend to continue.

> 50%

Cited the Growth of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid rates as a chief concern.

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