How AHF Ohio Maximized Its Clinical Reimbursement and Time Savings with MedaSync

AHF Ohio is a non-profit organization delivering excellent care through rehabilitation and assisted living facilities across Pennsylvania and Ohio. With six facilities spread out among multiple cities and states, it turned to MedaSync to improve time management, offer critical support and oversight to MDS coordinators, and discover new clinical reimbursement opportunities.

With MedaSync’s AI driven reimbursement software, they were able to make dramatic improvements to their Medicaid CMI, MDS management and overall reimbursement potential while also saving staff time.

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The Results


MedaSync doesn’t take time, it saves it.


MedaSync lessens the burden on the MDS team and supports them by creating a better, more intentional workflow that saves time. Even with turnover, anyone can quickly step in.


Improved case mix, quarter after quarter.


MedaSync’s impact on reimbursement is clear — in every quarter over the last year across all buildings, AHF Ohio’s reimbursement improved.


Better corporate oversight and management


Critical data across multiple communities is aggregated and curated summaries are shared with the corporate team highlighting key changes, even if those fall in different cities and states.

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